Thursday, October 17, 2013

Analyze your Run Using Nike Plus Products and Nike Plus Site

           All of your runs are synced or can be synced to the Nike Plus Site (Ran Using the Nike+ Products) , Where you can just log in to the site and Analyze your Data , The Site gives you the Beautiful Analysis of 'Total Distance Covered' , 'Total Time Taken' , 'Avg Pace' , 'Total Calories Burned' , 'Map' , 'Pace v/s Elevation' , 'Splits' , 'Monthly/Weekly/Daily Analysis (Bar Graphs)' , Your total Runs , Your total KM to date , Comparison with your friends , Create a Goal , Share your runs to Facebook or twitter , etc..!!

          The Site has so much to offer , i will try to put few screen shots to explain the features of the site.

           Once you log in to Nike Plus Site, First Thing you will see is the Dashboard , Where you can see your last 7 runs , and few details like 'Total KM to date' , 'Average Pace to date' etc.


       You Can Click on the Run , And You can see your Route Details with KM Splits and the Pace/Elevation info. (i ran this with Nike+ Running App - which uses GPS to track your runs) 

Route Map Details

         it will also Give you the Full analysis of your run starting with 'Time Taken' , 'Total distance' , 'Calories Burned' , 'NikeFueal Earned' , Splits with Avg Pace which is pretty amazing.

       it will also show you the Nike+ Product you used during your Run , The Above run i ran with Nike+ iPod. Once Analyzed you can also share your run , to Facebook and twitter , (something to brag about :D  )

   You Can also see your Weekly/Monthly Runs in your activities.

        The site will also show you the achievements/Personal Records done till date like 'Longest Run' , 'Fastest 5k/10k/HM' , 'Most Calories Burned' etc , which is pretty cool :) 

      so start using the Nike plus products and site today to store and analyze tour data.
Happy Running..!!

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  1. Definitely going to have a look now. I use Zombies! Run, and it gives me pretty much all the same info. Maybe I can run this side by side and see which gives better info (or, sshh, higher calorie burn :P )