Analyze your Run Using Nike Plus Products and Nike Plus Site

           All of your runs are synced or can be synced to the Nike Plus Site (Ran Using the Nike+ Products) , Where you can just log in to the site and Analyze your Data , The Site gives you the Beautiful Analysis of 'Total Distance Covered' , 'Total Time Taken' , 'Avg Pace' , 'Total Calories Burned' , 'Map' , 'Pace v/s Elevation' , 'Splits' , 'Monthly/Weekly/Daily Analysis (Bar Graphs)' , Your total Runs , Your total KM to date , Comparison with your friends , Create a Goal , Share your runs to Facebook or twitter , etc..!!

          The Site has so much to offer , i will try to put few screen shots to explain the features of the site.

           Once you log in to Nike Plus Site, First Thing you will see is the Dashboard , Where you can see your last 7 runs , and few details like 'Total KM to date' , 'Average Pace to date' etc.


       You Can Click on the Run , And You can see your Route Details with KM Splits and the Pace/Elevation info. (i ran this with Nike+ Running App - which uses GPS to track your runs) 

Route Map Details

         it will also Give you the Full analysis of your run starting with 'Time Taken' , 'Total distance' , 'Calories Burned' , 'NikeFueal Earned' , Splits with Avg Pace which is pretty amazing.

       it will also show you the Nike+ Product you used during your Run , The Above run i ran with Nike+ iPod. Once Analyzed you can also share your run , to Facebook and twitter , (something to brag about :D  )

   You Can also see your Weekly/Monthly Runs in your activities.

        The site will also show you the achievements/Personal Records done till date like 'Longest Run' , 'Fastest 5k/10k/HM' , 'Most Calories Burned' etc , which is pretty cool :) 

      so start using the Nike plus products and site today to store and analyze tour data.
Happy Running..!!


  1. Definitely going to have a look now. I use Zombies! Run, and it gives me pretty much all the same info. Maybe I can run this side by side and see which gives better info (or, sshh, higher calorie burn :P )


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