Getting Started with Running - Nike Plus Products Overview for Running

       I Started Running almost 3 years back when i was 101kg , and Just by Running i lost 17 Kg. I had my Ups and Downs during the Period , initially i was not having Proper Gadgets or Apps to track my running and other important details like (Weight , Calories burned , etc)

        It all began with the Beautiful Ranges of Nike Plus initiatives - "Life is a Sport , Make it Count" , They Have Different Ranges of Products , some for tracking your Normal Day to Day Activity , some for Running , some for High Intensity Workouts Now I have quite a few Nike Plus Products for capturing My Running i will list down 4.

1. Ipod + Sensor : Yes your guess is right , I have Nike Plus Shoe (Nike Air Pegasus+ 30) , i can fit the Nike+ Sensor (bought it separately  in My Nike+ Shoe , Link this sensor to IPOD nano (i am using ipod nano 7th gen , which has Nike+ Fitness app inbuilt , through ipod you can track both your walk and running , i use both) , once sensor is linked , ipod nano will track your runs (of course you need to calibrate your sensor but its mostly accurate), once done i use iTunes to send my running workout to Nike Plus web site, where i can see the Full analysis of My Running like , time Distance , Calories Burned , Nike Fuel (exciting term) Earned etc.

2. Nike+ Running App (free) : i used this approach when i run outside , because it tracks your run through GPS and it's bloody accurate , no Need of ipod nano , sensor , etc..!! it syncs your data directly to Nike Plus site as soon as you finish your run

3. IPOD nano(7th Gen) without sensor : beauty of 7th gen ipod nano is that it also work without the sensor in your shoe.

4. Nike+ GPS Sports Watch : Initially i used to run with My mobile (Nike+ Running App) in hand , and it is very irritating at times if you are running long distances , i even bought a 'Wrist Band' to put the mobile in it while running but still i was not satisfied and the overall experience was not comfortable then i bought Nike Plus GPS Sports watch which is amazing , Now my runs are comfortable & flexible as i don't have to hold My Phone in my hand.

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i use this approaches alternatively based on the requirements.

well apart from this there are plenty other gadgets available from Nike Plus like , Nike+ sports Band , Nike+ Fuel Band (interesting concept) , Just go through their site..!!Nike Plus Site :

Happy Running